Erica Gavzy is a young artist in one of the most classical and prized art industries of the world. Her influences have always been found in the deep rooted traditions of the old masters. Now as a graduated student of The Florence Academy of Art she has the opportunity to continue to walk in the footsteps of those who have come before her, while enjoying the motifs and contemporary works of her colleagues at The College of New Jersey.

Oil paint, while a difficult medium to work with, yields spectacular images of portraits, figures, landscapes, and still life works. Erica Gavzy creates rich and fluid imagery using oil paint, designed on archival panels to last generations. These beautifully crafted works present a new idea of immortality, one which a photograph cannot replicate. Her pieces hold visible and delicate brushwork, intensive attention to color, and an emotional connection between the viewer and the work itself. 

Photography that captures and really genuinely interpellates with the viewer is a difficult and hard craft to master. With a particular interest in macro photography, Erica strives to fully connect the feeling of colour and texture with the spectator. These images go beyond the superficial and deep into internal facets that capture the authenticity of the subject.

Ultimately she hopes to revive the passionate and raw beauty that classical painting and drawing had centuries ago. This process is done through the careful attention to detail and a bond between artist and audience, resulting in a new admiration in the ordinary still life, or casual foot path of a landscape. In portraiture she strives to make the subject come alive with an intimate space between the viewer and painting. This zeal is spread to her figurative works and creates a dynamic that must be experienced first hand.